Blog Hop "Artists Around the World"

It was really unexpected to hear from my fellow MATSie last week Sabine Reinhart, she asked me to participate in this Blog Hop. I was so humbled and so overwhelmed with excitement that I didn't think too much and said "yes, yay and hooray."

But when the week started I realized that it's going to be a school week, how do I get everyone school ready (my toddler also started pre-Nursery) and how do I make time to write about myself (hardest thing ever).

I now have to thank Sabine for giving me this nudge, because kids started school and I was able to collect myself and learn few things about myself as an artist as I was answering the questions.

Before I answer my questions I wanted to share a bit about Sabine and her work, I must because her artwork is so joyful that it brings a smile to my face and I am sure to others. Sabine is a Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator, she has worked with clients such as Adobe, Crate and Barrel, Petite Rosalie etc...

Here is some of her work:

She also has beautiful Children's Illustrations:

These are super adorable, you can visit her website here to get a glimpse of her beautiful work. She also has an Etsy shop!


Oh and of course here are some questions about my work and my process:

1. What am I working on now?

I just finished my 5 months MATS Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers, who is an art agent. I learned so much along the way that I apply everything I learned as I rework my portfolio. I also wrapped up few commissions that I was working on during the Summer so that should give me a bit of a free time to do some personal work. Next lined up I got some Holiday illustrations to produce also speaking of personal work as I was preparing for the school year I was so inspired by my children and school supplies and all the hype that I thought to add new "back to school" pieces to my portfolio. 

Here are just a few:


2. How does my work differ from other artists in the same genre?

So I was definitely dreading this one, because I just don't know really! My style (if I have any) changes all the time, it depends on the mood of the story. Sometimes I like to work loosely with lots of uncleaned pencil lines and sometimes I overwork it like crazy. Either way I am told which is surprising to me because I don't see it, but I am told no matter how lose or clean my illustrations are, they can recognize it as my own. Who knows :) I just like to draw and tell stories with my drawings.

3. Why do I create?

This question somehow leaves me speechless, because I couldn't not create. I am like fish who is taken out of the water, it can survive just for a bit but then it needs to dive back in to get that long breath of fresh air/water? I guess? Ha ha ha.... long and strange analogy but it's true!

I am not the most social person in the world, but my outlet is my sketchbook. Ideas come to me, then they evolve as I stare at my sketchbook for a long time. It's funny because it's not a blank page in front of me, I see it it's all there I just need to put few pencil lines for others to see it too.

4. How does my creative process work?

So my ideas and stories almost always come to me when I don't have my sketchbook. Do other artists experience this or is it just me? But once kids are in bed I pick up my sketchbook and it's all there. Once I sketch it out, it either stays as a sketch or I scan it on a very uncooperative scanner and clean it up a bit by changing levels and erasing some messy lines. I always use Mulitply on my sketch and I then paint beneath it. Last year I purchased a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet and I am the luckiest girl :)

I also love the good old colored pencils, and paints (I use water color and gauche for more solid and vivid colors. And almost always I use textures that I scan in from various materials, textures makes everything better :)

As a Graphic Designer I only worked in vector, I'd like to incorporate more vector work in my illustrations as they are easier to work with for commercial use. So that's my early New Year's resolution :)

Right, so enough about me me me. I want to pass the baton to two successful artists who I admire and inspire me greatly. Tatyana Starikova and Jana Curll are extremely talented and creative individuals, I had the privilege to see their works during our Bootcamp. Oh my goodness their sense of colors and their character are so welcoming and friendly, see for yourself.....



Tatyana is a designer and illustrator living in Poughkeepsie, NY. She creates in variety styles and both in traditional and digital mediums. Her work ranges from whimsical children's illustrations to florals and patterns. Recently she showcased her Surface Pattern Design at SURTEX 2014. Here are some of her samples:

I can't say enough about this lady, best your see it your self. Visit her website here.



Jana is a designer and illustrator living on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Ok, so to visit Jana's website you have to clear out your schedule. Because once you start browsing you can't stop, there is so much sweetness to see. Pure magic, see for yourself:

Gorgeous work, to see more of Jana's work please visit her website here.

- Luda