MATS May Assignment Bootcamp (Editorial)



Original design submitted to gallery.

Yay and finally.....

I was looking forward to something that would feel more comfortable to me and my style and here it was. As a Graphic Designer most of my work was for editorial and advertising, once I read the assignment I formed a quick strategy in my mind of how I was going to represent the article. This particular assignment was based on an article that was written for Huffington Post about Meditation, the tittle reading How To Meditate: A Primer for People Who Don't Like to Meditate.

Amazing, right? RIGHT ????

One problem though, on Monday the assignment was released on Thursday was our flight to our two week family vacation. Now usually we have plenty of time for our main assignment, 2 whole weeks, but not this time!

A little breakdown of the Assignment/Vacation week:

Monday -  I learn its Editorial assinment, jumping up and down thinking easy breezy, followed by lots of anxiety and literally a toddler tantrum, thinking that it's not fair that I will have to miss one of my favorite subjects, boohoo...

Tuesday -   Running errands for the trip, doodling some ideas just for fun even though I know I will have to skip this assingment. 

Wednesday - Packing bags, I am overwhelmed by an idea so I run to the computer, design the editorial piece for the rest of the day, submit it to the May Gallery. Voila!!!!

Thursday - Continue packing the bags, pulling my hair out because I forgot to buy few essentials so I run to the store, then pack some more and we are off to the airport.

Friday - Beach!!!!! :)

I wasn't very proud of what I originally submitted to the May gallery since it still looks like a rough and it still needed lots of tweaking, but I am proud that I was able to work under pressure and finish it way before the deadline.

The lettering is bizarre on the original so when I got back from vacation (although sick as a dog) I had a bit of time to revise it, change some colors and put it into a magazine spread, hope you like it.

- Luda



....more doodles

....more doodles