Welcome 2014!

My blog has been a bit dry lately, I've been busy! (..that's a good thing, right?) I have some new happenings going on right now, and hopefully some more will come along the way this year :)

Also, there is a SCBWI Winter Conference just around the corner here in New York ...........Yay :) and Gulp. More information on the Conference below.

I am working extra hard on my portfolio and I have yet to print my promotional postcard, so much to do ......Yikes. 

While I prepare for this very exciting event, I am in my self-doubt phase right now "Is my portfolio good enough..........Yaaay I am so excited......Oh my Gosh there is not enough time." (that's normal, Right?)


DON'T PANIC  <----  *note to self

Here are some helpful tips, advice and inspiration from some amazing Illustrators/Authors that are helping me get through this process:







I also religiously follow Art Director/Illustrator/Designer from Penguin USA Giuseppe Castellano on Twitter who shares lots of #arttips daily.

Cheers to a great New Year ahead and to many productive adventures.