Super Doodler

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I believe in creativity and the power of imagination. I loved to draw when I was little and I love it even more as a mom. I believe every person should walk around with a little journal/sketchbook and jot down their thoughts, whether in a form of illustration or in writing (I wish I was better at writing).

For me sketching daily is the best method to unwind and clear my mind and think about happy thoughts and happy places. Sometimes our minds need that little break from reality or at least I do :)


My little artists:

I have an 18m and a six year old, they both like to doodle here and there, although for one of them definition for doodling = messing mommy's walls (Mr.Clean's Magic Eraser is a must in our house)

I always encourage my six year old to grab a pencil and her sketchbook and draw or jot down her thoughts and experiences from the day and to no surprise, just like mommy it's usually in the form of a drawing. We also like to make our own personal birthday cards (not always) from scratch, and she loves to add the little details and her personal touch.

Birthday card for teacher

Birthday card for teacher

I think kids can be so creative and they have such big imaginations, their "world building" skills are extraordinary. I always feel like they show so much freedom in their art without self doubt and self criticism. I wish I shared the same freedom in my drawings, I am still working on that.

Wall art for baby sister.

Wall art for baby sister.

So to all the children and adults, happy doodling!

- Luda